Thursday, January 12, 2012


It seems that printed pants are the thing to wear this summer. Everyone from Stella McCartney, to Gucci, to  Lanvin included them in their pret-a-porter collections. I personally prefer skinny ones to harem ones and my favorite's are Lela Rose's. Why? because they're printed without being scary and you can play with them in many ways.

If you're thinking about venturing into the world of printed pants this summer, here are some simple rules to follow (althoug, if you have a very strong sense of style, please do make your own):

1. Let the pants do the talking and keep everything else simple.
2. Mix them up with more classic pieces like cable knit pullovers and button down shirts.
3. Wear a basic tee or even a printed one if you'd like to.
4. Wear neutral on top.
5. If you're pants are monochromatic and neutral try wearing contrasting bright colors on top.
6. Wear a stripped shirt or sweater (a la Jenna Lyons).
7. FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY go for the mixed prints trend.

Of course I always make my own rules. Because of that, I came up with 3 outfit ideas for you to try this summer.


Who said that being classic meant being boring and unoriginal? If you're on the more classic side of fashion mix your printed pants with a colorful and classic silky button down shirt. Keep your accessories elegant and simple. Try to match at least two of your accessories. 


Are you more on the wild, look at me kind of side of fashion? Easy, just keep your outfit neutral and mix it up with high fashion, eye popping accessories. A bright color handbag, statement necklace and ring, oversized sunglasses, and sky scrapping platform heels. 


Dressing eclectic can be a little bit of a challenge. If you don't have a strong sense of style and knowledge about fashion you may end up looking ridiculous. Being eclectic is about mixing different styles and most importantly it's about expressing your own individuality. There are no specific rules in being an eclectic girl, you make your own rules. 

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