Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My father loved cameras, they where one of his greatest passions (that, computers and also motorcycles, perhaps anything electronic or with a motor in it). He loved cameras but not in an artistic kind of way, he was in love with the machinery and the fact that you could capture life's moments with them. Every time we traveled he would buy a new one and test it and whenever we went on a shopping trip he would very patiently await us sitting on some mall bench reading the manual booklet of one of his latest acquisition. 

I have memories of my brothers and I at Christmas morning waiting for my father to finish installing all his camera and video equipment, we weren't allowed to start opening our gifts until my father had everything prepped up. Some years ago I sat down to watch some of those Christmas morning videos and bowed never to ask anything for christmas anymore, why? Well, just because I was such a spilled little brat, there I was surrounded by hundreds of gifts and still complaining to my mother that Santa Clause hadn't brought me the Strawberry Shortcake's evil baker dude, I don't remember his name. I was a very unthankful little child!!! 

Anyhow, when my father passed away I got to keep all his vintage cameras, vintage camera bags and some amazing photographs that I will be sharing with you later on. My father was born in Malawi, Africa so you can just imagine the photographs I have of their life there, I guess my grandfather was just as crazy for cameras as my dad was, it's just a genetic thing I think because I turned out to be just the same, the only difference is that I'm more in awe of the artistic side of them more than the technical one, of course.

So, the other day I took some pictures of my camera bags which some of them I use as fashion accessories and others for pure ornamental purposes in my room. I hope you like them, every time I wear them someone always compliments me on them. 

My favorite one, I can fit my life in it.

LEICA!!! And I have the camera also!!!

The one in the front is a vintage Polaroid camera bag, its amazing but the camera is even more amazing.  I'll share a picture of it soon. 

Alright people, hope you have a lovely day!!!

Until our next fashion adventure!!!

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Brunette Brigade said...

I really love your work, your blog, your style!! love it love it..

I want to come visit you in Guate so you can help me revamp my style :-)


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you so much Celeste!!! That would be awesome!!! Or maybe some day I can come t Dallas hahaha

Take care sweetie.

K + P said...

Maria, I was happy to read about your dad's passion for vintage cameras. I immeditely showed it to my husband who also collects vintage cameras and bags and he was really impressed. It seems to be a fantastic collection! Please show us more! Pieter is just like your dad I guess, really passionate about the tehcnical side of it (but he is a great photographer as well).
Hope to see more form your camera collection.
Take care!
Love Karin

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

KARIN!!! Helloooo!!! I'm so happy to hear from you and even happier to know you guys enjoyed my post. I am planning another post where I can show his cameras and also his vintage photographs which are out of this world fantastic!!!

You too take care!