Monday, April 11, 2011


Once upon a time I used to hate Sundays, I thought they where just the most boring day of the week and for a very long time I thought that way. Perhaps it was because I didn't work that much (yes, I had a phase in life where I did practically nothing) or who knows what made me think that way but I hated them. It is quite true that if you stay in the city there's not that much to do on Sunday's except maybe go to church, go have lunch at some restaurant, or get together with the family in someones house or maybe go to the movies at night or just stay home all day and watch movie marathons. I know that for a lot of people these are reasonable activities to do on a Sunday and you might be right but I wanted something different and exciting to do that's just my personality. 

However when I started working harder I found out that Sunday was my favorite day of the week because it was the one day that I had to be myself, relax and do whatever I wanted. Also my mother and I moved to an apartment in a very nice area just after my father passed away so now I enjoy going for a walk on a sunny Sunday morning or go to the coffee shop right around the corner.

Yesterday there was a new activity in town, which I was very excited about. For a lot of you who don't live in Guatemala this must sound familiar but we never had this type of activity in the city before. We had a farmer's market!!! I don't know if it was a one time thing or if they're gonna keep on doing it but I hope they do, at least once a month, it gives you something different to do on a regular Sunday.

So, since it was sunny and hot!!! Oh yes, yesterday was one hot Sunday!!! I decided to wear my Guatemalan pink dress that I bought in Atitlan a couple of weekends ago. I love Guatemalan dresses I have a certain fetish with them, I keep collecting them in different colors and lenghts, they are the perfect dress to wear to the farmers market or to wear on a sunny and hot Sunday. 

I took some pictures of my very pink and fun outfit, I hope you like them.  I even wore my Cremsheen Lickable MAC lipstick to match my dress hahahaha and white plastic sunglasses I bought at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.

Enjoy!!! Later on today I will be sharing some images of the farmer's market at Saúl E. Méndez

See you soon!!!

Have a lovely morning or afternoon in fact!!!

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Sebastian Graap Nelson said...

Hey, I like the camera that is sitting next to you, on the little table. I am fond of Antiques. My dad has one of those cameras as well.
By the way, you are so right, there is not much going on sundays besides going window shopping to Oakland Mall, eating junk food, or being a couch potato with a hang over..How boring...I wish there was a central park, where everyone could just hang out for sports or other leisures...oh btw, the pink dress looks very well on you, big girl :)

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

We would all like to have a Central Park but since there isn't one here in Guatemala (oh wait, there is one but it's dangerous), us Guatemalans have the duty to figure out how we can contribute to our country to make it a safer and more interesting place to live in. If we're here we might as well do something about it.

The camera is my father's vintage Polaroid, it's amazing, I have lots of other vintage cameras that belonged to him.

Take care Sebas.