Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since everyone seems to be obsessing about not wearing any open toe shoes now that it's rainy season and wellies seem to be the norm (God forbid you don't own a pair!!! Of course I don't own a pair, just the thought of wearing them makes my feet sweat) I thought to myself: if you're gonna wear them, wear them in style!!! Not just with whatever outfit you thought suitable that day. Many women think that because rain boots are the thing to wear they can wear them however they want. Of course you can, this is a free country, but let's admit it, you don't want to look ridiculous, or even worse, you don't want to end up looking like a fashion victim, BUSTED!!!

Many questions arise when confronted with the dilemma of how to wear rain boots  ¿What's the best way to wear them? ¿Can I wear them with shorts or just jeans? ¿Is it appropriate to wear them when it's NOT raining? ¿Can I wear them to go around running errands? ¿Do you think I look as good in them as Kate Moss does? ladies... very few people look as good as Kate Moss in anything (sorry girls but the truth is not always pretty) but that doesn't mean you can't make some experimenting of your own.

I found some useful tips on the internet and decided to share them with you:

TIP #1

Wear skinny jeans with your rain boots for best results. The more the jeans resemble leggings, the better.

It doesn't get any more classic than this. Skinny jeans, mariniére, trench coat, red scarf, brown leather bucket bag, Ray Ban's and of course an umbrella, you're gonna definitely need it, hence why you're wearing rain boots in the first place. This outfit is perfect for running errands on a rainy afternoon and still look stylish. 

TIP #2

Match the wash of the jean with the boots. For very bright rain boots, medium to dark shades of denim work well. Solid and dark wellies look good with lighter and bleached denims. Avoid pairing stonewashed denim with patterned boots, it'll be sartorial overkill.

Ok, this might be perfect for a girl with a more eclectic kind of style. She could wear it during the day or even to the office if she works in a more creative, fashionable and/or casual environment. Wear the scarf only if you-re not wearing the coat, choose either or. 

TIP #3

If you have killer legs and you want to wear them with shorts  a la "Kate Moss" then denim cutoffs work best. Keep it casual!!!

Ok girls, this is as casual as it gets, with a splash of color. Perfect for the weekend, if and only if you have killer legs, once again, you've been warned.

TIP #4

You can wear them to go wherever you want except for the office, unless your workplace has a very casual dress code.

TIP #5

You can also wear them anywhere there might be puddles around.

TIP #6

I'd say DON'T WEAR THEM IF IT'S NOT RAINING AND THERE AREN'T ANY PUDDLES AROUND!!! Quite frankly I think it looks ridiculous, BUT, then again, if it makes you feel like a diva then my all means knock yourself out, just know you've been warned.

HAVE FUN!!! And let me know how it goes!!!

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