Friday, June 10, 2011


Hello everyone!!! Today was "Style Sessions Friday" I get to go to the network and do what I like to do best, talk about style and fashion. Today's topic was HOW TO USE HATS and for that I took with me my extensive hat collection to try on the air, so needless to say we had a bundle of fun. 

For today's show I decided to wear this beautiful brown jersey dress my darling mother bought me last week at Massimo Dutti, my Mango tribal necklace that I looooove and everyone compliments me on, and my favorite fedora to match my summer outfit. I think the combination looked great.  Brown and aqua can be a wonderful color combination if done right. Always try to have under consideration your own personal coloring when trying to create this kind of combination, it's most harmonious for women whose overall temperature and appearance are warm and toasted. 

Hope you like it. 

With the lovely Maria José Quevedo and Catherine Gregg hosts of the morning show "Matutino Express". Don't they look great with those hats, I think they should wear them more often.

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