Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week was FASHION WEEK in Amsterdam. When I found out my friend Patty who is living there was attending I asked her to please take some pictures for me to share with you. Most of the times we get to see pictures of NY, PARIS or MILAN FASHION WEEKS but we seldom ever get to see images of DUTCH FASHION WEEK, and quite frankly I like the dutch style a lot, very unconventional and doesn't follow any trends but their own. So from now on I've named Patty my Guatemalan correspondent in the Netherlands. 

Thank you Patus!!! We are looking forward to more!!! You are our eyes in the Netherlands, and after that you'll be our eyes someplace else, until I'm able to be there myself. 

There's Patty striking a pose for us, with her funky pants.

Don't you just want to be there right now???!!!

This design in particular reminds me a lot of Maria Cornejo.

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