Friday, July 22, 2011


OH MY GOODNESS!!! You have no idea how I feel right now about my teenage students!!! I know this might sound a bit corny but you know that feeling where you're so happy you feel like crying. This is how I felt this morning about the success of our teen fashion photo shoot. I'm so proud of the girls!!! They did such a great job!!! 

I told you before I was teaching a summer course on fashion for teens, sort of like teen fashion boot camp. Today was our last day and to celebrate we had our own little fashion photo shoot. I created a setting for the girls, did their hair and took their pictures. The girls did their own makeup and styling. I'm happy to announce that I'm more than pleased with the outcome, the girls where very professional about it and took it extremely serious. The best part of all is that I HAD A BLAST WITH THEM!!! And they had a blast as well!!! I can't wait till we do it again!!!

Today I realized how much young talent there is out there. Check out some of the pictures I took of my very stylish ladies. 

Sharon and Stephanie

Paulina and Fernanda

My youngest stars!!! Marcela 11 and Anika 10

Maria and Valeria

Are you as impressed as I am???

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