Wednesday, July 6, 2011


NOOOO, I'm not getting married, not yet at least hahaha.

How come I was the only human being on planet earth that didn't know the people behind Anthropologie had launched a bridal collection? Could it be that I'm not engaged and looking for a wedding dress? (my bad, I just remembered you don't need to be engaged to actually be searching for one) It could also be that I've been crazy busy and don't have time to think about wedding dresses? Never mind, my point is that yesterday while I was going thru A CUP OF JO (a very cute blog a frequently visit) I find out that the master minds behind Anthopologie had launched their own bridal line BHLDN (Beholden) on FEBRUARY!!! Of course I instantly searched for their website (being an all time Anthropologie girl) and almost had a heart attack when I saw it. It's the cutest thing ever, it's just like Anthopologie but for brides and bridesmaids. Now your bridesmaids don't need to look hideous on your wedding pictures!!! I'm actually re-considering having bridesmaids for my own wedding (whenever that is). Sure enough BHLDN is not made for your average bride who has dreamed of a Vera Wang dress ever since she was inside her mother's womb, it's mostly focused on women with strong personal style and a mind of their own. 

So ladies, If you haven't yet tied the knot you're in luck!!! (not because of what you're thinking!!!) Why be like every other bride out there? Why not try something new, something innovative, something that differentiates you from the crowd, try visiting BHLDN and I guarantee you'll be love struck, just like I was. I even took the WHAT KIND OF BRIDE ARE YOU TEST (ok, maybe it's a little bit pathetic but I couldn't help myself hahaha) and it showed me that I was a NEO SOPHISTICATE kind of bride. Of course I decided I was THAT with a splash of BOHEMIENNE, the only thing I wasn't was a NOSTALGIC kind of bride, which is totally true. Take a look at what I found.

Don't you looooove everything? If you don't, you're crazy.

If you felt like your heart was going to pop out of your chest while looking at this pictures then you need to visit BHLDN's website:

WARNING!!!If you have a heart condition, please refrain from visiting the website, if you do you're at your own risk, you've been warned!!! Hahaha

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