Saturday, January 14, 2012


Good morning everyone!!! Have I ever told you before how much I love Saturday's? 

Today I'm gonna talk about one of my favorite topics, red skinny jeans. RSJ are one of my favorites (although I have to admit I like colorful jeans in general) I own a pair of Rag&Bone one's that I loooove and wear them all the time. However, wearing red pants in general can be a bit tricky. Red doesn't really go well with the vast majority of colors, and believe don't want to end up looking like a christmas ornament.  Generally they go best with white, Ivory, black, gray and navy blue. The experts highly advice you to stay clear from bright colors like say...yellow, green, purple...I wear mines all the time with my purple Converse's and I love it (Yes I do!!!).  So many rules to follow, this year I'm making my own (I've already told you this about a million times). I'm a firm believer that the most important thing is that you feel great with what you're wearing, of course there are some people out there who feel great and still look hideous, but who am I to tell them otherwise, unless they ask for help.  I also believe that there are specific ways to do things that make you look even more fantastic, so perhaps I'm contradicting myself but who cares, It's Saturday.

In order to help you come up with interesting ideas on how to wear your RSJ I created the following three outfits. I could've gone forever, in fact I might make some more and share them with you later but meanwhile enjoy this first three.

I call this outfit I'M IN MIAMI B*TCH!!! I always want to go to Miami, yes I am not ashamed to admit it, I love the tropical weather and I hate the winter, I could live in maxi dresses and sandals forever. Being near to the ocean makes me happy and I would definitely wear this outfit if I where there right now. It's like french goes to the tropic. 

This is the I REFUSE TO GROW UP outfit, for all those 30 something year old girls who want to be teenagers forever. Am I in that group? Perhaps I am. Although I didn't like my teenage years that much, In fact I hated them hahahaha they where so confusing and I was hideous. Do notice that the print on the t-shirt relates in color with both the jeans and the accessories. That's key in pulling off an outfit like this successfully. 

This is the FRENCH GONE WILD outfit, why? go figure it out!!! When I was creating this outfit I thought of mixing it with the more classic (aka common) black ballerina flats and golden accessories and then I thought to myself: WHY? Are those the established rules? Perfect, let's brake them!!! And so I went wild and decided to mix it up with animal print ballerina flats and a tribal inspired statement necklace. Much more interesting isn't it? 

Well, there you have it. If you own a pair of red skinny jeans go knock yourself out, and if not, you need to buy a pair and start having some fun. I might wear mines today and share my outfit with you.


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