Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm gonna take a little trip down memory lane. I don't usually like doing this because I HATE nostalgia but in this case remembering my old office doesn't bring me that many sad memories, except for the fact that sometimes I wish I hadn't spend so much money in it, specially because I only had it for 4 or 6 months. When I began doing image consulting it was pretty hard to find clients and so when the time came to pay the rent I felt like shooting myself. So much hard work just to pay the freakin rent!!!  Anyhow, after that I decided I didn't need an office since I was always on the move with work and clients. Sure enough I closed it. It was a tough decision to make because I had put my heart and soul in that office but one of my life's number one motto is that you should NEVER get attached to ANYTHING or ANYONE. 

Before I opened my office I had to look for inspiration for decor, and what better place to that than my "domino" book which I love. Back then (right now my taste has changed a lot) I wanted something elegant, sophisticated and very feminine with a touch of vintage. I wanted people to see I was a professional. After looking at dozens of beautiful images I finally found this one:

This image was the source of inspiration for absolutely everything, my office, website, website photos, logo, brand image, everything. It's funny because now I have to do it all over again and completely different from what I did back then. Soon you'll see the results. 

This is perhaps my favorite picture, taken by talented Guatemalan photographer Clara De Tezanos, better known as Mamu. Mamu doesn't shoot portrait anymore so I was very lucky to have her take mines. Now I'm searching for another photographer and I'm having a hard time deciding. 



All my branding was designed by my best friend Kika Garcés. She's the best graphic designer out there. She did my business cards, letter heads, envelopes, everything. She's designing my new website and brand image and it's coming out amazing. I can't wait to show you. 

Et voilá!!! My office!!!

It was so cute I  couldn't stop looking at it. I had so many good plans for it. It doesn't really matter, some day soon I'll have a space of my own again, only this time I have veeery different plans as to where I'm gonna open it. There was a lot of history in that office. The big chair was my grandfathers, the desk was my fathers, the chandelier belonged to my grandmother, and there where also lots of little details not shown in this picture and everything belonged to someone I loved and don't have with me anymore. 

Today I feel like creating an outfit inspired in that image that started it all. So here it is, I hope you like it.

This outfit is perfect for a woman with a classic style personality who needs to feel comfortable during the day but also wants to look city chic and elegant. Its absolutely appropriate for work if you don't have a strict dress code to follow, morning brunch, afternoon tea or just looking chic while running errands. 

Have a good day everyone and until next!!!

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