Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh my goodness people, you have no idea this really cool boutique hotel I went to today. My friend Deby who's my favorite cool hunter recommended it to me. When I called to ask them if I could have a photo shoot there, they where really friendly and gave me permission to do it. The hotel's name is La Inmaculada and it's a hidden treasure in the city, but I'm gonna show you more picture later on, right now I want to tell you about my photo shoot for C'Santos. I just recently started a partnership with C'Santos and Style by Red and today we had a photo shoot at La Inmaculada. It's always such a pleasure working with Cristina (who owns C'Santos), she's really sweet and patient and very diligent. There are some gorgeous pictures coming out. I'm gonna have to ask Cristina to let me show you at least a couple, since this pictures are not for the blog, they are for C'Santos advertising I have to ask for permission. 

Here's Cristina helping me style the model.

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Deby Fadul said...

ME ENCANTAAAA! LOVE IT! Congrats! Style by Red Rocks!