Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Did you know that the use of pink as a distinctive of girls can be dated back at least to 1868, in Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women, when, after being shown boy and girl twins, Laurie asks: 

"Most remarkable children I ever saw. Which is which?...Amy put a blue ribbon on the boy and a pink on the girl, French fashion, so you can always tell."

This was common usage in French orphanages during the 18th century, but this was not the case everywhere. In fact from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1940's, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was a more decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color related to the Virgin Mary. Interesting ha?

Ok, enough history. As we all know, pink along with other pastels like lavender, mint, pale blue and peach is also one of this season's hottest colors. To keep you from looking too girlie or corny, or looking like a debutant in full bloom, I came up with some very simple suggestions.

TIP: If you're not the type of girl who likes pink clothes and instead decide to wear a pink bag, go for a pale pink hue, pale pink is always more understated than bright pink. 

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