Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last week I gave a series of workshops on professional levels of dress to an insurance company here in Guatemala. I came to the obvious conclusion that very few people do really know how to dress according to their field of work. The majority of people don't dress the part. In my workshops I always encourage people to dress for the job the want and not the one they already have. Dressing well and looking good is all about marketing yourself. Marketing is 25% percent the people you know, 25% hard work and effort, and 50% how you look. Yes ladies and gentleman how we look is a lot more important than we think, one of the many benefits of dressing well is that it's supposed to help us achieve our goals. 

There are four different levels of dressing being number 4 the most formal for executive and administrative  jobs and number 1 the most casual for more physical labor kind of work. Today I'm focusing on level 3 for sales and services. Many of the workforce here in Guatemala and around the world in fact fall into this category, the problem is that most people in sales and services are really dressing more for a level 2 instead of a level 3, like I said, people are not dressing the part. Level 3 is characterized for being softly tailored and it's key element is the jacket. Women are not forced to wear skirts and pantyhose or matching suits like in level 4 but do need to wear coordinated pieces and always include a jacket, the jacket is what differentiates level 3 from a more casual level 2 for creative and communications fields of work. 

If you're interested in learning how to dress according to your own field of work you may contact me to I can help you dress the part so that combined with hard work and effort you can finally achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Meanwhile here are three perfect examples of how to dress for level 3 business casual for sales and services.

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