Monday, July 16, 2012


I remember watching Pan Am's first episode the day it aired in the US on September 25 2011. Reason I remember it so clearly is because one of my friends was so excited about this new series that reminisced on the airline's golden era. To tell you the truth back in the days I was so busy with other things that I had no idea whatsoever about the show's premiere until that very day. After a few minutes inside the show's first episode I found myself extremely bored, I thought it was slow and just plain boring. Needless to say that was the ONLY Pan Am episode I watched. In fact it was reported that after their first episode viewership started to decline from 11.06 viewers to 3.74 on their 12th episode. Despite their viewership decline Sony Pictures Television decided to pick up the series for another second season due to it's international success. So it was until about a month ago that I started watching the show. Again I found it's first episode boring, it wasn't until it's third or fourth episode that I realized how hooked I was on the show. But why was this? The answer was very simple FASHION!!! I's not only the outfits, it's the hair, the makeup, the scenery, everything about it is beautiful and I love it. I started to fall in love with their costumes on that episode where they get to go to Thailand and then Colette's dress on the Montecarlo episode was simply divine. So I guess I'm just gonna have to enjoy it until it comes to an end again. Meanwhile let's enjoy it, If not for the show's drama for the love of fashion!

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Anabel Bonamin said...

SiiiiiI!!! totalmente de acuerdo María!!!! Descubrí la serie recién la semana pasada (la había querido ver desde que salieron los anuncios pero nunca la encontraba...) y quedé FLASHEADA con la ropa... Será que podemos hacer que regrese esa época? besos!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Hagámoslo!!! Volvamos a la era del glamour!!!