Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

I've been having quiet a dilemma for a while now. I've been seriously considering cutting my hair but haven't made up my mind yet. It seems that the more I think about things the less I do them, it's just like the nose ring I've always fantasized about but never really gather the nerve to actually get it. I once went on a trip to Spain and noticed that half the young population there had a nose ring, so I kept on asking everyone if it hurt, some say yes, some lie and say no, 5 years have passed by since that trip and I still don't have one. 

Anyhow!!! I've had short hair in the past (like, seriously spiky short hair) and I loved it, it was super fun until I noticed a lot of people thought I was a lesbian, not that I have anything against them but I'm not a lesbian, I ended up being hit on my girls every time I went out, so I let it grow. I think both short and long hair are sexy, however not many people can wear short hair, I should take advantage of the fact that I actually look good with it. 

Most men will advice you NOT to cut it because they like it long, they consider it more sexy or womanly, I don't know, whatever, but is it really a reason not to cut it, just because men like it long? I just think it's such a stupid reason, I should keep it long because I LIKE IT LONG!!!

Reasons why I want to cut it: 

1. I love change.
2. I'm starting to grow tired of long hair, all that blowdrying your hair and conditioning and taking care of it, it's difficult. 
3. I'm starting to loose a lot of hair.
4. I'd like to think I'm a girl that fears nothing.

So what do you think? Do you have any great short hair ideas for me? Today I found this picture of that girl from the series Beverly Hills 90210, I'm sorry I don't remember he name (SO, WHAT IF I DONT' REMEMBER HER!!!), I really like her short hair, do you like it? I still have to let my bangs grow a little bit more to actually get this hairdo, so I guess I still have some time to think about it. 

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Jenn T said...

Hey there you!
How's everything going? So when i read this post i was totally surprised so today i was reading the latest InStyle magazine and its about Hair styles.. and found the hairstyle called The Lob, from Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Nicolle Richie and much more famous girls have it.. and the cool thing is that you can make tons of variations with it... you should check it out.
Also if you want i could lend you the magazine if you are intrested.

Sarah said...

It sounds like you're leaning towards cutting it short, so I say go for it :).

Lovely blog.


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you Sarah, I'm so happy you liked it!!!

Thank's Jenn I'm gonna check out that new hairdo you're talking about, if I can't find it, I'll contact you to see if I can borrow your mag.

Take care girls!!!
See you around

Pamela said...

I think I'm turning into a BIG fan of your blog! I JUST LOVE IT <3!! thanks for sharing with us! should get the haircut if you really want it, plus you have a beautiful face so i think it will suit you just perfectly!...even though you have to know that your long locks actually look awesome!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Wow, thank's Pamela, I'm happy you like my blog. Also thank you for your personal advice, I'm just gonna have to really think about.

Take care and see you around.

Maria Garrido said...

with the very same dilemma right now :S
I have long hair, a little (or a lot?)under mid back, and it grows uuuuber quickly so i dont know what style to cut it
great blog BTW :D

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Hey Maria! Do you have thick or thin hair? Curly, straight or somewhere in the middle? I for instance have very little and pretty thin hair, That's why I can carry it pretty short but it all depends on your type of hair. I actually appear to have more hair in pictures. Let me know so I can advice you better.