Thursday, July 5, 2012


What a wonderful thing it is to travel! The excitement of going to a new and undiscovered place, that amazing feeling of eagerness one gets when the airplane is just about to take off is one of the most amazing feelings I know. Traveling is exciting but it's also a tiring experience so why add to it the feeling of being uncomfortable.

Feeling comfortable is essential when traveling, however that doesn't mean you have to look like you left you're house wearing your pj's or looking like a college student on a budget. You don't need to sacrifice style for comfort, you can have both. Yes women! We can have it all! Lol! Here are some outfit ideas and helpful tips to follow next time you decide to embark on a new traveling adventure. 

1. Choose basic outfits (leggings, soft skinny jeans, loose jersey tops, loose long jersey cardigans, soft leather jackets, sneakers, ballerina flats, soft ankle boots...).

2. Learn to accessorize. It's the right accessories that will add interest to your outfit. I personally don't recommend big statement jewelry when traveling, try to keep it simple. Something I highly recommend is a beautiful cashmere scarf, it will make you look incredibly stylish and it can be your best ally when it gets chilly inside the airplane. 

3. Take with you a bag big enough to carry all you essentials (a stylish one of course)

4. Sunglasses. After several hours of flight you might not look your best, a pair of oversized sunglasses will save the day. No one will know what really goes under them. 

5. Maxi dresses. A dress might sound like a really bad idea for traveling, but maxi dresses are perfect because they're comfortable and stylish and if you're not as big as I am you can pull your legs up and get cozy next to the window (my legs are so long I always travel aisle). 

Good luck ladies!!! And Bon Voyage!!! 

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Anonymous said...

i think that a Mulberry Bayswater Brown Bag would love fab with the look #3

Much love to you Cris.

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

You're right, Mulberry bags are beautiful and perfect for traveling! Good advice, thank's for sharing!