Monday, July 9, 2012


I think last time I wore a one-piece swimsuit I was a teenager, ok maybe I'm lying, I was swimming in the public pool in Milan 10 years ago. Yes! back in the days when I studied fashion design in Milan I used to go swim at the public pool because I wanted to train for a triathlon. Those where my Xenadrine athletic years, I was insane!!! now I can't take 30min of workout before you have to call the ambulance lol!!!

Anyhow, back to swimsuits. For years and years I've only worn bikinis, perhaps because in your twenties one is always obsessed with suntans and the smaller the bikini the better, I still like them very small (bikinis I mean) but lately I've been seriously considering buying myself a one piece suit. You think it's because I'm scratching 35? Damn!!! lol!!! Who cares, one piece suits are very glamorous and the cool thing is that you can take them beyond the pool, bikinis too but not really everywhere and it's not classy showing up in a bikini to certain places after certain hours. I hadn't thought about it mainly because I don't own a one piece suit but yesterday I was reading InStyle magazine where I get a lot of inspiration from and there was an article on how to take your bathing suit beyond the pool. I thought...What a cool topic to share with my dear Style by Red readers and so I went and created this two looks, one is for a day at the local market and the other one is for dinner under the starry night at your favorite local restaurant. 

I chose a beautiful design by Lisa Marie Fernandez. Famous fashion blogger Garance Doré featured it on her blog this week, she took a picture of Lisa Marie Fernandez herself wearing her own design at the Pellicano hotel in Tuscany, beautiful picture!!! Check out her post here.

Before I forget, the most important thing to remember is to choose a swimsuit with a clothing type neckline, some swimsuits are really only meant for the pool (like that high neck, really high leg, front zip, black and neon Body Glove swimsuit you've been saving from the 90's in hope that someday you'll fit in it again).  

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