Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hello and good morning everyone!!! What better way to start the day than with some good and exciting news. This morning I want to introduce to you the new and improved ATELIER BOUTIQUE. I first introduced you to Atelier about three months ago and back then I already thought that it was the cutest little boutique in Guatemala with some of the most beautiful designers and labels, honestly speaking my favorite place. Just when you thought it couldn't get better it actually did!!! The girls from Atelier just recently relocated their boutique to a much bigger place right next to their former one and may I say it's absolutely gorgeous!!! Like I said, before it was a cute little boutique with great brands now it's an amazing boutique still with great brands. It actually looks like a boutique you could find in New York City's Soho, or Greenwich Village or Nolita, except bigger, we all know NYC boutiques can be quite small. 

Anyhow, today I want to congratulate Carolina and Margarita, the two wonderful girls from Atelier for their great job and thank them for opening in Guatemala such a wonderful place for us women to shop and feel special. 

Centro Comercial El Portón
Diagonal 6 13-63 Z.10

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