Thursday, July 19, 2012


Fashion is simply ironic, one moment we think something is absolutely hideous and out of the question and the other suddenly out of the blue that same thing turns out to be THE hot must of the season. Admit it we've all gone thru this. For example baseball caps where something that only college girls wore or perhaps you only wore them whenever you went to see your favorite team play or when you had a really bad hair day and you wanted to hide from the world. Now since Byoncé and other style influencers like miss Dree Hemingway have been seen sporting them all over town with white lace dresses and silk midi skirts, girls all over are going crazy about them. Now they're calling it "Sporty Chic" but are we really gonna try this new trend? Am I? Are you? I've never worn a cap unless I was going running in the out, maybe I should give it a try. You know what, one of this days I might surprise you.

Just in case you where considering it I found some chic ways to do it. Now more than ever it's undeniable that street is fashion's number one influencer.

Baseball caps featured on WHO WHAT WEAR
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Baseball caps featured on TRENDTATION
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It seems that Miss Hemingway is quite the trendsetter 

Anastasia Ivanova by Andrea Massari for L'Autre Winter 2011
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I guess those Russians where already a little bit ahead of us Westerners

Katie Fogarty for ELLE Russia April 2011 spread
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They where definitely ahead

I found this image in a blog called ALL DOLLED UP
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Photograph by Tommy Ton for STYLE.COM
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Photograph from JAK & JIL
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Photographer blogger Violet for LOOKBOOK
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