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Lingerie serves two very important but totally different roles in your wardrobe. First, the right undergarment can lift, hold in, smooth out and enhance your body's natural attributes. And second, lingerie can make you feel prettier, sexier and more feminine, and it's always worth remembering that when you feel good, you look good too.

Everyday bras and panties are an obvious must, but you also need a core group of problem solving pieces, such as seamless underwear and other shapewear. They're your wardrobe's secret weapons, the unseen items that let you pull on your slinky or low-cut dresses with total confidence. Of course, you deserve a few fun "little nothings" as well, perhaps to wear with little (or nothing) else. 

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Most of the time us women worry too much about the outside without giving proper attention to what we are wearing on the inside. Proper shapewear is the fundamentals of style, it all starts there. Here's a little bra lesson.

1. Push-Up- Padding can be in different places (along the sides, underneath or all over) to lift and/or push the breast together.

2. Padded- This type of bra features either fiberfill, gel or air padding, which works to make the breasts appear larger.

3. Underwire- This bra has flexible (metal or plastic) wire sewn under the bottom of cups to lift, separate and support breast.

4. Soft Cup- A bra without structure, underwire, padding or molded cups, the soft-cup is very comfortable but offers minimal support.

5. Strapless- The bandeau style has side bands and no straps. Versions are available both with and without underwires.

6. Demi-Cup- A style that just covers the nipples and has wider set traps, this model leaves the upper half of the breasts fully exposed.

7. Plunging- For your low cut numbers, this bra features a deep and wide V shape, and the band sits lower on the rib cage.

8. T-Shirt- A bra with molded or contour cups, it creates a smooth finish under even the lightest of tops.

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