Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dear Style by Red readers, 

I want to thank all of you for following me, it's because of you that every day I try my best to work harder and better. Style by Red has changed a lot this past year and a half and I feel very satisfied with the work I've done. 

Lately I've been receiving some very offensive messages from a certain ANONYMOUS (of course, they always are). She's (I'm guessing it's a she because such hatred can only come from another female) been telling me how my blog is so annoying and that I should stick to Spanish because my English sucks. I know my English sucks, I know my English is not perfect, never said it was, but at least I'm making an effort and we all know that practice makes perfect (With YOU correcting me all the time I'll most definitely become a pro). I've been receiving so many offensive messages from her that by now they're starting to feel like harassment. 

Style by Red is something I do for fun, it's a way for me to express my creativity and individuality, if I don't take it so seriously why should you (By you I mean DEAR ANONYMOUS). If you find my blog so annoying then why do you keep on visiting it, why do you keep waisting your time posting messages? Why do you find it to be such a threat to you? We all know the answer to these very obvious questions. 

I've always said that I don't believe in fake followers like some bloggers do, I'd rather have a handful of faithful followers than thousands of fake one's. However we all know this is something I can't control. When someone starts trashing you it's a sing that you're doing something meaningful. 

What I really want to say to you DEAR ANONYMOUS is that I hope God takes away all that bitterness and hatred away from your heart, feelings that will only ruin your life. They push away people from you, they don't let you live your life fully, they block you from becoming a better version of yourself, and they will destroy you. Focus on your life instead of focusing on other people's lives. There's so much you can do, you can accomplish things, you can make your own dreams come true. If I'm wrong and you're someone incredibly successful and satisfied with your own life then by all means use your valuable time doing something productive and meaningful instead of waisting it reading some girl's blog from Guatemala you obviously hate. 

I have friends who have corrected me many times before, what would I do without them!!! but you can always tell when someone says it with love and when someone says it with hate.  

Many blessings to you DEAR ANONYMOUS and I apologize if my grammar and vocabulary don't live up to your expectations. 

Take care, live well, love more. 

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Krystha said...

Haters gonna hate! Keep up the good job! Haces que muchos guatemaltecos se sientan orgullosos de tener gente tan talentosa.


MishyMart said...

Well said!!! I find your blog usefull, funny (in a good way) and very profesional although it has a casual style. I'm a profesional fashion designer, a college teacher, sometime in my life I worked as an image consultant and I have a passion for fashion and I LOVE you blog and your way of saying or writing your thoughts and style. You Ma.Cristina are a true lady, don't mind the comments of a mean heart! And to the "anonymous" find a better way to waste your time!!! They are a lot of blogs in this world for you to keep trashing one that you find "bad" (Threatening). We love you Little Miss Red!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like you said. It is very different to be "corrected" with love than to be told things in a mean way. Just keep up your good work. By acknowledging this person you are only making them feel important. You should not care about what others say! God Bless you!


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you so much girls for the encouragement!!! Many many blessings to you.

Miss Red