Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I know this has nothing to do with fashion at all but this morning I realized that my mother would've been a fantastic reporter. Seriously, I am impressed with her conversational skills.  I've never seen someone talk on the phone as much as she does or tell stories the way she does. She doesn't gossip, that she hates, she reports on facts. First thing my mother does when she wakes up in the morning is her prayers, which I have to thank her because her prayers have saved me from many things, and then she gets on the phone. With whom? I don't know but she's always on the phone with someone. She's not only a great reporter, she's a phenomenal detective. She wont go to rest until she finds out the truth about something that is bothering her, when she finally does she'll go out of her way to let you know SHE KNOWS. You can't fool her. 

My mother is the kind of person who will tell you a story from beginning to end paying full strict attention to the smallest of details. I on the other hand suck at story telling because I skip on details and always go straight to the point. Whenever she asks me about things I always give her quick straight answers when its obvious she's expecting a little bit more. Maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to verbal storytelling. I also suck at listening. Mainly because I loose attention very quickly and with attention there goes my patience. I always end up telling her to get to the point and she always ends up getting pissed at me for not letting her tell her story (by the way my dad was exactly like me, it's not my fault, it's genetic). Needless to say I always end up feeling like shit for not having enough patience with her. This has been going on for 34 years and I never learn. 

Next year I'm making big changes to my life. If all goes well (and it will) I'm leaving Guatemala behind, and with it all my friends and family. I love my country, it's where I was born and raised, a place that has opened doors to me, the one place I owe great part of my identity to, but I also believe we must go after the important things we want in life while we still can, and while the doors are still open. This morning I woke up realizing how blessed I am to have my mother in my life. Despite the fact that she drives me NUTS because she always finds the time to tell me the longest detective like stories when I'm the busiest, I am most definitely going to miss her. She is by far the most important person in my life. Ever since my father past away three years ago (Dec 27 2009 to be exact) she and I have gone thru many difficult times together that in the end have strengthen our mother-daughter relationship. 

God blessed me with the greatest parents in the world. I've already talked about my dad before but I've never said anything about my mother (I think). I know today is not mother's day and it's not her birthday either but I kind of felt like honoring her with written words because I suck when it comes to express myself verbally, unless I'm drunk and that can get ugly. My mother is the most loving, caring, truthful, unselfish, giving, pure, transparent, dedicated, forgiving person you've ever met. She's very proper but really funny at the same time, she always thinks of others before herself, she's always sacrificing herself for the ones she loves, she's never told a lie in her life, never gotten drunk, never done anything ugly or bad, she's always trying to make an honest woman out of me, she truly is the best. When I grow up I hope I can be a little bit more like her. My wish today is for God to give me the means to spoil my mother till the day she's no longer with me, and that I can become more patient and understanding with her so I can sit down and listen to her stories without interrupting. 

Anyhow, If she knew I was telling you this she would burn me alive (of course she wouldn't). Also don't tell her about this post, I'm not even gonna translate in spanish so she doesn't understand lol! If I find out anyone told her about this post I'll hunt you down and hang you lol!

Oh, and by the way excuse me if my grammar and vocabulary skills are less than perfect, I don't expect to win a prize with this, just wanted to share how I felt today.

Have a lovely day everyone! Go hug your mothers! If your mother hurt you a while ago, forgive her, she's not perfect and neither are you.

Now I go exercise!

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Anonymous said...

sweetest post ever!! God bless you all!!

Where are you moving pretty lady?

Anonymous said...

You're the sweetest! Where are you going?