Monday, June 17, 2013


A bustier is a piece of women's clothing which can be worn as an undergarment or an over garment, depending on style and personal taste. Modern day bustiers are a mix between a bra and a top. What I love the most about bustiers is that they look incredibly feminine (if worn correctly), they are sexy without being vulgar (again, if worn correctly), and they force you to go to the gym to work on those abs (fight club is kicking my Style by Red ass). If you feel you're still not in good enough shape to wear a bustier this season, fear not, you have time to start working out for next year's spring summer. I already saw the resort collections and bustiers are def making a come back. 

Just a couple of weeks ago I was having one of those insanely depressing days us women have once in a while due to hormonal peeks in which the only thing that will make us feel better is impulse shopping. Needless to say I headed myself to my happy place Anthropologie and bought the cutest little polka dot bustier that looks more like a bra than anything else (maybe because it is a bra) but I'm still gonna wear it as a bustier. I promise I wont look trashy. I was planning to wear my bustier underneath a white button down J.Crew linen shirt (slightly unbuttoned to show some sexy cleavage) and Anthropologie printed shorts. J.Crew and Anthropologie my favorite mix.

Heres a photo of my newly acquired bustier. Isn't it divine? Later on this week I'll be sharing with you the complete outfit and also stick around for my "How to Wear a Bustier" coming to you tomorrow. 

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