Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, so I can finally tell you more about "Campo de Luz".

Campo de luz was a fashion event that took place this past Saturday in an enchanting place called Tecpan 82kms away from the city. The event was organized by Saúl E. Méndez and Esquire Magazine. This of course was not your usual closed doors fashion event where only the fashion elite are allowed to enter. Noooo, far from that, thousands of people actually attended including children and pets. It was an afternoon intended to take us away from the commotion of the city into the seductive charms of the outdoors. Guatemala is without a doubt the heart the earth. 

In Tecpan we where able to connect with our roots.  It was a big picnic for everyone. There where hammocks, farmers market, ecological projects, artists, capoeira, delicious food and drinks, yoga, music, story tellers, magicians and when everyone had already enjoyed a delightful afternoon and the sun came down, the fashion show started. What can I say, It was truly an event with a personality of it's own, top fashion designers would love to come up with an idea like this. I can only hope that there are more events like this to come. 

When the event was over my friends and I drove all the way to Atitlan, another enchanting place but I'm gonna have to tell you more about that later. Meanwhile enjoy the images I've prepared for you. I hope you like them.

If you wanted you could just grab a tree and then take it home and plant it in your backyard. 

At the parking lot, already excited to be there. Look at all the green fields behind me.

Picnic blankets for everyone!!!

Alejandro Azurdia's work!!! He's an amazingly talented Guatemalan artist. I bought two of his drawings.

The artist and Angy (by the way I totally messed up, it's Alejandro not Andrés, I don't know what I was thinking).

A little bit of Guatemalan folklore. 

We really just wanted to get on top of that zebra but I think that would have been completely inappropriate and most likely we would have been asked to leave the premises.

Did you know that Guatemalan soil is so fertile that I used to have a banana tree in the backyard of my house (of course you didn't)? And NO, I don't live in the jungle. 

Live music in the outdoors.

Crepes a la nutella, what else could you ask for. Of course the line was 3 weeks long but we finally made it. 

The girls going crazy for nutella crepes.

When the sun came down, the show started.

That's me being interviewed just a little before the show started.

Excuse all the heads but it's the best I could do.

Let's make Guatemala a more peaceful place to live in!!!

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