Monday, March 21, 2011

I've been meaning to start my own blog for quite a while now but for some reason I always kept postponing it, mainly because I'm a little bit challenged when it comes to technology and every time I entered the blogger website to try to get started I instantly got a nervous breakdown. To my own good fortune, my dear friend Patricia, who's taking her masters degree at the Miami Add School, is here in Guatemala for a couple of weeks on vacation and she and Angy (a friend of hers from school whom I just met and think she's fantastic, she herself has a music blog called helped me get started. I know with time the look of the blog will evolve into something greater but meanwhile I just really wanted to get this party started, I know it's going to be a lot of fun and hope you guys enjoy following me. Please have some patience with me because I'm just starting to get a hold of this blogging system jajajaja hopefully soon I'll be an expert.

I'm going to start this blog with some images we took on Friday at a friends house, I'm telling you spontaneous moments are the best, I have to be thankful to God for having such a great group of fabulous and creative friends who've helped me with some really good ideas, specially my friend Willobey (well that's how I call him) who'm I'm holding hands with in the picture, and of course let's not forget Patty and Angy who took some great images (hey, maybe I'll even share with you some stylish images we took of our weekend at the beach, a couple of them are pretty hilarious).  

Anyhow before I end this I have to say something. I know a lot of people are not going to be happy that this blog is not in spanish, and another couple are going to maybe even criticize me for having done it in english but the truth is I'm not some gringa wannabe, I just want more people to understand what I'm saying and like it or not, english is a universal language. I also have to excuse myself because of course my vocabulary and grammatical skills are not top notch but I try to do my best, as long as you get the message I'm happy. Maybe eventually I'll try to include both versions english and spanish.  Meanwhile...

May this be the beginning of a long lasting relationship between us!!!

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