Thursday, March 24, 2011


Las year I was so obsessed with everything French (I even kept incessantly fantasizing about living a "La Parisienne") that of course being a stylist that meant I was crazy for everything with blue stripes a "La Mariniére (you know, that classic white knitted shirt with blue stripes that miss Coco Chanel made famous in the early 20th Century). Since stripes are ALWAYS in style, specially anything mariniéresque, of coooourse I ended up buying yet another piece of garment with stripes. This time I bought a lovely cardigan at MNG from they're sailor collection. Ever since I bought it about three weeks ago, I couldn't quite figure out how to wear it, so today I decided I was going to create an outfit for it no matter what. I hate, hate, hate having something in my closet and not wearing it, I really do wear everything in it. So...anyhow, this is what I came up with.  Do you like it? hmm, maybe I don't want to know if don't like it. 

The leopard print scarf I decided to wear it as a headpiece. 

I think I've told you before I'm not a bag person, I usually buy one really good bag and use it until it's practically useless. This Prada bag I bought it more than a year ago and I think I'm gonna keep on using it for just a bit more. In a way it makes me feel like it's part of my signature look, just like my perfume, I've been using the same Bond No.9 scent since 2005 and I'm not switching to anything else anytime soon. 

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