Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning I was checking my e-mails and came upon one Daily Candy newsletter that featured Boston Based home furnishing shop Twelve Chairs. Turns out they also have they're own blog which I decide to check out and found some amazing images that I thought where so inspirational.  There's this one specific post that talks about salon style gallery walls that I was very much attracted to, they even included a little art history fact:

salon style display dates back to seventeenth century Paris where the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture would exhibit the artwork of recent graduates by closely mounting their pieces all in one room. Little did these Parisians know that they would be influencing the way we display artwork in our homes some 300 years later!

Next to fashion, interior design is one of my life's passions, I LOVE IT!!! I wish I had more spaces available to decorate (Oh, and more money too).  Someday in the near future I'm gonna have a salon style gallery wall filled with colorful pieces of art. I'm very much the eclectic type of gal. 

So I just wanted to share with you this images that I'll be using as inspiration in the future for my own salon style gallery wall. And don't forget to visit Twelve Chairs website and blog, I do owe them this wonderful images that have completely brighten up my day, most likely you'll end up finding some inspirational images yourself. If you live near the area just go ahead and pay them a visit, I wish I could but I'm thousands of miles away!!!

Have a wonderful bright day!!!

Until next!!!

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Sebastian Graap Nelson said...

Hey, I did know you were into interior design...Maybe you can show us pictures of your room...I saw some plates hanging on the wall the other is a nice detail...Have you ever heard of Philipe Stark??...His one of my favorites...I am more of a minimalist though...less is more.
Ciao bella

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Of course I've heard of Philippe Starck!!! He has designed some of the coolest hotels in the world including the Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro which I'm dying to go to.

Take care

Sebastian Graap Nelson said...

Oh that is fantastic, I did not know he was into hotel design as well...I had a lamp from Stark hehe but my X took it away from me jaja...all I have is a cozy minimalistic apartment with Ikea furniture jaja..