Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I once read on an article that one of the many things every woman deserves to have is an "It Bag" not precisely many but one.

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like to change her bag that often and grows quite attached to the one she has. I much rather spend money in one amazing bag and all sorts of shoes. I simply like the idea of a signature bag, one that you always wear and that people know it's yours, just like the signature perfume (but we'll talk more about that later). Also I don't really like super trendy bags. I'm not the type that's after the bag everyone has or wants. I've been carrying with me the same Prada bag for two years now and I still love it, I don't care if everyone has already seen me 1,000,000 times wearing it. 

However this year I thought it would be nice to consider another handbag. When the time came to narrow it down to one gorgeous bag that could come with me everywhere for the next two years I thought of a Chloé Bucket Bag. I loooove them (I don't know if I've already told you about my obsession with Chloé). They're simple, elegant and understated, I don't have to take it to the consignment store in six months because it's sooooo obvios it's sooooo last season. Net-a-porter had a fabulous perforated Chloé Bucket Bag that I wanted to show you a picture of but unfortunately they run out of stock and I can't find a picture of it anywhere!!! OH WAIT!!! I JUST FOUND IT!!!HAHAHA!!! This is it, the Chloé Bucket Bag of my dreams, It's actually called The Chloé Charlie perforated bucket bag. Although now I think I can't have it anymore because they're sold out!!! My bad, if not I might just go for a Proenza Schouler one. 


Or perhaps, what do you think of this PROENZA SCHOULER PS1 KEEP ALL LEATHER AND STRAW BAG?

If not we'll stick to Chloé and her lovely bucket bags, here are some images of the Fall 2010 showcasing the bags (I know what you're thinking...They're soooo last season I DON'T CARE!!! I love them and If I can still find one I'll get it, not used though, it has to be brand new). 

Chloé it is!!!

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