Thursday, April 7, 2011


Meet Yuvraj and Alessandra a young couple that started their own jewelry company called Alessa Designs back in 2009. Yuvraj is Indian and Alessandra is Guatemalan. They both met while studying at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad California. After studying they both moved to Dubai where Yuvraj's family lives and are also jewelers and found Alessa Designs.

Why are this two fabulous? Well...Because they just are, look at them, they're both young, good looking, creative, intelligent and entrepreneurs. That and the fact that their line of sophisticated and modern jewels is absolutely amazing. Both Yuvraj and Alessandra are a couple of globe trotters, they keep coming and going from Dubai and Italy, where they manufacture their jewels to Austin Texas, Beverly Hills and Guatemala where they sell their line (by the way, they also sell it in Dubai). Their latest work is the designing of a line of engagement rings that is to die for!!! Some of them with black and white diamonds FANTASTIC!!! So guys, if anyone is planing to buy a ring wait till you see this collection of the highest quality and good taste.  Yuvraj and Alessandra just recently got engaged and Yuvi himself designed the ring. 

All of Alessa Designs pieces are made of 18kt gold and diamonds.  The ideology behind Alessa Designs is: combining the art of fine 18kt gold diamond jewelry creation with positive global symbols such as confidence, peace, love, unity and good fortune.  

The collections include contemporary interpretations of such timeless symbols as om, peace signs, ying-yang, hearts, and four leaf clovers, all in yellow, white, or rose gold with black and/or white diamonds.

I had the opportunity to meet this young couple last year and now just recently I started working with them in helping them promote Alessa Designs in Guatemala. I wouldn't have ever done it if I didn't think the line is truly amazing. To me all of Alessa Designs pieces are one of those things you want to wear and keep with you for a lifetime and never take off. All of the designs are clean, elegant, sophisticated, modern and beautiful, for both young and more mature tastes. 

Just recently we had a showing of their line, it was an afternoon of Champagne, chocolate and jewels!!! What more can a girl ask for!!! 

Here are some images of some of Alessa Designs most coveted pieces. 

If you took a look at this pictures and thought the line was amazing and now you can't wait to see the pieces yourself (there's a lot more where that came from, they also do custom made jewelry) you can contact me to:

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Marisa. said...

Love it!!! I`m so proud of them!!!
And the pieces are to die for can`t wait to have my new earings!!
btw I`m your new blog follower!!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Excelent! Welcome to my blog!