Monday, April 4, 2011


Today like almost every other Monday I stayed home all day long working doing what you could call office work. Monday is the day I choose to sit down in front of my computer and work on my data base, send my weekly style newsletter, write any pending columns, come up with new projects, contact people, reply messages, do my taxes, etc... Needless to say, and this is quite embarrassing to admit, I just wonder around in my pj's and sit for hours in front of my computer until my chair and my butt become one.

Today however I found myself forced to leave the premises around 6pm because it was my aunt Veronica's birthday and I had to go to her house and give her a big hug, otherwise I would've just remained stuck to my chair until 10pm.

Since I was in a relaxed kind of mood and by that I mean I had no desire to glam myself up at all I decided on the following outfit:


JACKET: Massimo Dutti.
SHIRT: Massimo Dutti.
OXFORDS: Massimo Dutti.
SANDALS: Massimo Dutti.
SCARF: J Crew.
NECKLACE: Don't quiet remember, I bought in some store in Soho NYC.
WATCH: Vintage. Doesn't work, it's purely decorative.

I ended up wearing the sandals because the weather is just getting pretty hot down here.

Hahahaha I took a look at my scarf and thought to myself: Why not wear it on my head!!! What do you think? A little bit too much? I looove wearing things on my head, so I don't care.

F.Y.I. I'd like to apologize because I committed a grammatical suicide.  In the image above I wrote "in my head" instead of "on my head". Whatever who cares, from the beginning I apologized for my not so perfect anglais.  Maybe someday I'll take some writing lessons.

I wish more people would wear scarves as headpieces.

Good night everyone!!! Until tomorrow!!!
Sweet dreams.

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