Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday morning (Sunday, of course) I decided it was time to go to church. Sometimes I just let way too much time pass by and all of a sudden it's been more than it should or more than I would want to.  This of course meant I needed a Sunday morning outfit.  

Since the weather in Guatemala has been getting warmer by the second I thought it would be wise to wear something light and comfortable. I've been reading everywhere that long is the new short which I LOOOVE!!! No more mini skirts, micro shorts, tiny dresses, now it's all about bringing your hemlines down a notch. It doesn't matter if you don’t have statuesque height, some celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe believe that being short and wearing long dresses or even long skirts actually make you look taller. Maybe she's right personally I believe that you should wear the things that make you feel good and go accordingly to your own style and personality. So trying to honor this trend, the other day I bought myself a long flower printed skirt at MNG, the one I wore for "Campo de Luz" and so today I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear it again (ok, maybe this is the third time I wear it hahaha when I love something I wear it till it wears out). 

When I was finished dressing up I found myself in need to ask someone to take my picture, now this is a gigantic problem not having someone to take your picture, since my private photographer Patricia is gooooone to NYC I had to ask my mother to do it, I'm training her to be my own private photographer. Yes! I live with my mother! Shoot me! Truth is my father passed away a year ago and quite frankly I don't want to leave her all lone yet. She’s pretty cool. There are some days I feel like strangling her for many a reasons, like for example every morning she feels compelled to read the newspaper to me out loud and I haaate it!!! If I'm not working on my blog I'm reading some interesting book, I'm really NOT interested in having my own private reporter every morning. don't matter how much I tell her this, she don't care!!! Aside from this and a couple of other little annoying things (but I guess I must be pretty quite annoying myself too), I like having her around she entertains me.

Anywho, she did a pretty good job which gives me hope.  Here’s proof of her first steps as my professional photographer, let’s see if she improves with practice.


SHOES: Massimo Dutti.
BAG: Vintage, I bought it years ago at the flea market in Milan.
NECKLACE: MNG, very heavy.
SCARF: Don't quite remember, only that I bought it in Antigua.
SHIRT: Massimo Dutti.
SUNGLASSES: Vintage, also bought it at the flea market in Milan. 

Not that bad right! I think it's just a matter of time before she becomes a pro.

Dear friends, have a lovely Monday!!! Until next!!!

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