Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok everyone here it is, my complete wish list for this summer!!! 

Have you done your list? It doesn't matter how many items or how expensive that's why it's called a wish list. You should always know which are the things you'd love to have, it gives you a reason to work hard and do your best, even if at the end of the day you actually never get anything, it doesn't matter there's always something you ought to aim for. Like for example right now (ok, maybe I've been aiming for this for quite a while now) I'm aiming for Rio de Janeiro!!! Woohoo but not just some cheap beach shack, the FASANO hotel!!!

I'd love to hear which are some of the things you dream of having this summer. 

I'm actually obsessed with all of Chloé's handbags!!! They're beautiful and not trendy.

This Proenza Schouler necklace is actually even more impressive than what it looks like in this picture. I saw one in a boutique on Lincoln Road in Miami while I was there in January and I'm telling you this necklace is something out of this world it's huge and amazing. 

Rick Owens leather jackets are so soft they feel like a second skin. I have one I bought in Milan while I was living there in 2002 and It's still a great jacket. 

Good luck coming up with your own wish list.

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