Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ya thought Style by Red was only for the misses right? Well it's not it's also for the cool cats. I know I don't do it very often in fact I almost never do it but from now on I'll be dedicating at least once a week to the guys. 

Today's topic is boys & stripes, the guys also wear stripes. I don't need to further explain to you that horizontal French style stripes are not for every type of guy, can you imagine a real muscular dude wearing a mariniére, he would look like a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume add lol! Like everything else you need the look, the personality and the courage to wear them. 

Today I visited Mr. Porter to come up with some cool outfit ideas with horizontal striped tops. I swear to you Mr. Porter is the coolest website in the world every time I visit it I wish I was a dude, seriously if you're a guy and you still haven't visited Mr. Porter what the hell are you waiting for? Go! Now! 

Anyhow, here's some ideas on how to wear your horizontal stripes. If you don't like stripes then of course you wont like them but if you do I hope you feel inspired. 

The Poet

The Jet Setter

The Student

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