Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today I went to CH store in Guatemala to see what new designs had arrived. I think last time I was there was December, I bought my mother a beautiful and elegant CH handbag for christmas that she almost had a heart attack when she saw it.  Today I saw so many new beautiful styles that I decided to take pictures of some of the things that most got my attention. I was so excited about the images that I rushed back home to work on this post. I personally don't own a CH handbag yet but I would most definitely consider buying myself one, in fact I've been thinking about it for quite a while now, perhaps that's why I keep on going back to the store. I'm not a handbag girl, I don't buy handbags all the time, when I buy one I like to use it a lot and I usually go for more classic designers and styles like say... Prada (my favorite), Chloé and Celine and a little bit of Marni here and there (who doesn't love Marni). I don't like trendy bags fully ornamented with huge logos, in fact the less logos the better for me. The two only logos I can tolerate maybe are Chanel and CH (Carolina Herrera).

Take a look at all the wonderful things I saw today. What I like the most about going into a CH store is that you actually feel like you're stepping inside her home, filled with portraits of Carolina Herrera herself  when she was younger and books she probably has sitting in her own library or on top of her coffee table. It's actually quite a fantastic experience.

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