Friday, April 1, 2011


Today like every other Friday I went to Canal Antigua for my weekly TV segment called "Style Sessions".  Last week I bought the cutest striped shirt and red skirt at Massimo Dutti, so today I decided to wear it to go on TV. Once I buy something I can't wait to wear it, I wanted to wear it the same day I bought it but thought wise to wait until today to go on air with a new outfit. 

SHOES: Chanel 
(which I don't ear as much as I'd like to because my feet are so horribly flat that they hurt way too much).
BAG: Prada.
BELT: Kenzo 
(Which I wear all the time!!!)
EARRINGS: Vintage.
RING: Lauren C Adams 
Which is already missing like 6 stones but I love it so much that I still wear it. Don't you just haaaaate it when you buy a ring or pair of earrings and after just one try the start to loose stones.
SHIRT: Massimo Dutti.
SKIRT: Massimo Dutti.

Right now I'm on my way to my friends Kike (Kike is my friend Willobey who helped me come up with the name Style by Red) and Andy's house, they have a gorgeous apartment which I hope to be taking some pictures of and hopefully tomorrow I'll be sharing them with you.

You all have a great evening!!!

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