Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday I took my friend Angy to Antigua. She loved it so much the first time that we had to go again. She's leaving on Sunday so it had to be then or never. Even though I have like a million E-mails to get back to, I decided to take the day off and have to say I had a wonderful time. We photographed ourselves everywhere, of course we both love doing that, needless to say it was a lot of fun.

However, when we got to Antigua it started to get really hot and so I started to feel like a turkey in the oven. I had worn my skinny jeans, MNG camel cardigan, Massimo Dutti Sandals, my faaaaavorite animal print scarf (you've already noticed that I'm wearing it all the time), my grandmother's vintage necklaces and another of my fathers vintage camera bags as handbag. After a couple of hours when I started to feel like I was gonna faint I found myself forced to buy a small flower print maxi dress at a local store called Shooga. It was more like a peasent dress than a maxi dress. I don't know if I looked really stylish with it but it was most definitely a life saver.

My former outfit.

Having fun despite the heat!!!

The end result!!! soooooo much fresher!!!

Ahhhhh, gotta love the wind in my face.

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