Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Good morning everyone!!! I hope you're all doing great!!!

Today I'm very excited and a little bit nervous too because we're filming the pilot for an upcoming TV show. It's been postponed several times but today is finally the day. Of course after this I have to go and look for future advertisers so that the show will actually be a reality but I'm very positive that we will. 

Before I leave for the network I wanted to make sure to I shared with you MY COVETED PIECES PART II. Enjoy and wish me luck!!!

My collection of colored buttons and vintage colored thread. I have them as part of my room decoration. My dad's mom used to make her own clothes and she did some amazing things, she even knitted little dressed for me when I was a little girl, she truly had a talent for it. When she passed away I got to keep some of her sewing stuff which included all this colored thread. Since I don't make my own clothes because I don't have the time or patience, I decided to give them a more decorative purpose. Now you know what to do with all that thread you have and never use. 

HATS!!! Some old, some new. The ones on top belonged to my grandfather.

Statement necklaces. I think I've already told you before I'm not very big on earrings unless they are big and gorgeous, but I do love necklaces, specially big ones.

I just recently bought this necklace at MANGO this year and already is one of my favorites.

More of my grandmothers vintage hats.

My only Louis Vuitton. I'm not a huge fan of their bags because I don't like wearing that amount of logos anywhere but for some reason I don't want to let go of this one. I bought it a long time ago and never wear it but it's there and it's going to keep on staying where it's at.

Outrageous headpieces!!! I love them, if I had more opportunities to wear stuff like this in Guatemala I totally would but I don't even get invited to weddings anymore hahaha. However some people do get offended when you wear stuff like this to someone's wedding, they'll say your trying to grab to much attention. I'm tall, with high heels I'm huge hahaha Imagine high heels and a voluminous headpiece with feathers all over the place!!! I actually wore this for my cousin's wedding and it looked great, I kept on poking people in the eye and of course there was your common person asking me if I had killed some bird and put it in my head, but I'm already used to those kind of comments. 

My mother's vintage custom jewelry.

I bought this cape at Massimo Dutti in December and I'm telling you I loved it so much I basically slept in it.

My favorite statement ring.

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