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Hello guys!!! Sorry I abandoned you for a little while there but apparently Blogger was having some complications and actually MY COVETED PIECES PART II post has vanished!!! I've heard they are going to restore it in a little while but if not I'm gonna have to re-post it. 

Meanwhile we have to move on with MY COVETED PIECES PART III the final episode, I do hope you enjoy it.

Max Mara necklace.

When I bought this necklace I was actually trying on a gray sheath dress that fits me like a glove and of course the sales lady was like: you know what would look great with that dress, this necklace. Needless to say I fell for it. 

My Zero + Maria Cornejo dresses.

Sometimes I think about signature looks, how much I would like to have one and I think that if I had to choose one thing to wear all the time it would be Maria Cornejo dresses, they are the most wonderful thing!!! Soft, comfortable, sexy and innovative. 

Anthropologie jacket.

I never wear this, I might've worn this twice in my life but it's so fun and colorful I just don't want to let it go. Right now I have it as part of my room decor but I'm planning to wear it in the winter with my Rag&Bone red jeggins and boots. 

My FILTHY RICH AND DAMN SEXY Elvis neck jacket.

Back when I studied fashion in Milan, my fabulous friend Karin did this wonderful collection for which I modeled an outfit for her. She gave me this jacket that was part of her collection as a gift. I love it so much and there's no way in this world that I'm ever gonna let go of this. If there's something I might pass on to my children is this jacket. 

Karin's labels

Karin explained to me that Ko in Swedish means cow hahaha but she was such a funny girl, she still is actually, that she used her initials for her labels and wrote underneath:


She even walked around with a tote bag with her KO...Karin Osterberg is your friend label written in huge letters. I told her I wanted a bag that said KO...Karin Osterberg is MY friend, but she said she couldn't because she wasn't just my friend but the world's friend. 

3.1 Phillip Lim evening gown.

I wore this dress for my brother's wedding back in 2008, it's absolutely gorgeous and makes me look like a Greek Goddess. The lace detail in the back is so subtle, people kept on telling me that my bra was showing, I was like: it's part of the dress dummy. 

Like with any other outfit there's a story behind this dress. When my brother got engaged I was dubious about where to buy my dress. One day I was navigating the New York Magazine website in search for inspiration for my dress because at one point I thought about having it done instead of buying an already made one. However I was taking a look at the Phillip Lim runway collection and I found this dress. Needless to say I traveled all the  way to NY City in search of this precise dress. When I got to the store in SOHO (with one of my worst hangovers ever!!! all because I went partying with a crazy friend of mine the night before) there was one mannequin wearing the dress and I told the sales lady: I want THAT dress. She goes: that's the last one we have. I said: I'll take it. And so it became my dress.

Yves Saint Laurent dress. This is actually a look from behind. Fantastic!!!

Prada, my all time favorite. 

All right everyone, I wish you all a most pleasurable weekend.

Until next!!!

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