Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good morning everyone!!! I hope you're all feeling great because I'm as sick as a dog!!! This is what I get for blurting out (all confident) I NEVER GET SICK!!! I guess it's life's own way of bitting you in the ass (pardon my french). 

Anyhow... on Monday I attended a very unique event. I think I told you a while ago that I was invited to be a judge for a singing contest Mc Donald's holds for it's employees every year. The contest is called VOICE OF MC DONALD'S (practically their own little latin american idol) and on Monday where the finals. I have to give thank's to Mc Donald's for considering me for such a task, it was a lot of fun and gave me the chance to do something out of the ordinary. Choosing the winner was no easy task plus I must congratulate everyone for their outstanding performances and wish good luck to the winner who will be traveling to Mexico for the semi-finals. 

After the contest was over and the winners where announced, famous guatemalan band MALACATES TREBOL SHOP gave us our own private concert and it was great!!! Jacobo Nitsch who's the most incredible musician (ok, maybe I am Jacobo's #1 fan) and plays the trumpet for the band was also one of my fellow judges. 

Here's some images of the final concert. If you'd like to learn more about the band and listen to their music you may visit their website:


Ok, maybe I want one of those little red portable pianos, I don't play any instruments so who knows what the hell their called, I just want it as part of my home decorating, or maaaaaybe I can get my picture taken with one them and look all rock starish, that would be awesome, I always wanted to look like a rock star, hence why I colored my hair red but I think I didn't succeeded, I don't think I'm even near looking like one, perhaps I'm missing some piercing and tattoos or a piano like this one (or a black leather jacket in fact). 

Ok, that's all folks!!! It was a lot of fun!!!
Next time there's a MALACATES concert near you try not to miss it.

Until next!!!

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