Sunday, June 26, 2011


Helloooooo my dear friends!!! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!!! I know I have been really bad because I have officially abandoned you, but please don't go anywhere because I'm back and hopefully stronger than before. Sometimes the only thing one needs is a breath of fresh air. 

This weekend was specially interesting and very educating (don't you love it when you get to learn wonderful new things!!!). I had the opportunity to enroll in a photography workshop with talented Guatemalan photographer Clara de Tezanos, co-founder of La Fototeca (Clara, better known as Mamu is the responsible for my website's incredible photographs, unfortunately Mamu closed her comercial photography business to engage herself more deeply in her artistic projects and La Fototeca). The workshop was specialized in portraits, we learned all about the different kinds and how to work with light. On our second day (Saturday that is) we had to show our skills and put theory into practice, we where assigned a partner and had to work with 7 different settings with different light, needless to say it was a lot of fun, but most of all, we got to learn a lot, meet different people and discover some of our hidden potential. 

Here's some of what I got to do this weekend, I hope you like it. Just so you know, there was no studio lighting involved, it was all achieved with natural light and some reflectors, photography can be non expensive and lots of fun.

Thank you models you where all great!!! 

If you wish to learn more about La Fototeca and Clara de Tezanos, you are more than welcomed to visit their website:

If you're into photography like I am, next time there's a workshop at La Fototeca try not to miss it!!! You'll learn a lot and enjoy the process (and if you're lucky you'll get to take home a sticker and a t-shirt, who doesn't like a free gift!!!)

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