Monday, June 27, 2011


Even though rainy season is here to stay for a while (at least it looks like that) I have to admit I might be a bit in denial about it (ok, maybe more than just a bit) . Like my wise friend Haydeé says: Wearing open toe shoes (AKA: sandals!!!) in rainy season is like wearing suede boots in the middle of summer. I'm one of those insane people wearing sandals in the middle of a strong rainy season (if you're not Guatemalan you should know that a lot of us DON'T WALK!!!). The problem is that it's not really cold out there, it's rainy but I FEEL HOT ALL THE TIME, all I feel like is wearing very little clothes. On Saturday I decided to wear boots and I was sweating like a pig all day!!! That my friends is completely UNSTYLISH AND UNACCEPTABLE!!! 

I guess that if open toe shoes are banned for rainy season then so are maxi dresses, HOWEVER on Friday I was insane enough (at least that is what the experts on fashion for rainy season would say) to buy myself yet another maxi dress, what can I say? I'm in denial plus I love maxi dresses, they are the most comfortable and feminine thing a girl can wear, I don't care I'm just gonna have to get both my feet and my hem wet, that is, if I ever get the chance to actually walk someplace. 

Dear friends, wear whatever the hell you want, the most important thing is that the things that you wear make you feel good about yourself, you should adorn yourself everyday with things that you love and make you happy. If you're one of those people we all criticize (because of course we do) for wearing north pole appropriate boots in the middle of a hot indian summer, by all means if it makes you feel like a diva, wear them, you might end up looking ridiculous, but then again who cares!!! As long as you know you're being ridiculous and still don't care I guess that's OK, that's just who you are and let's admit it, you can't help yourself.  I'm probably contradicting myself because I'm an image consultant but I also want to help people dress the things they love and project their own unique personalities. That's just who I am (ok, you should always dress according to your body type, age and occasion). 

Here are some images of maxi dress #101 hahaha I only wish I had so many maxi dresses.

Dress and cardigan both from MNG.

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