Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello everyone!!!

Today is the network's 2nd year anniversary and of course there's going to be a cocktail celebration tonight which is going to be transmitted LIVE!!! Needless to say, I have to look wonderful!!! 

However today I was forced to confront my worst fear!!! I had to try on some of my cocktail dresses and outfits that I hadn't worn in a while and discovered they don't quite fit me as well anymore!!! hahaha seems like my Latin behind has taken a life of its own. Fortunately in December I bought myself a beautiful black sheath dress at Adolfo Dominguez and so I'll be wearing it tonight. LBD TO THE RESCUE!!! I wish I had something a little bit more colorful but...I don't want to go spend money right now, I'm in saving mode. Who cares I'll make my outfit look amazing with my Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe shoes, Amrita earrings and fabulous hair and makeup. 

Of course, after I realized my figure was taking a more voluptuous route, I decide it was time to take matters under control and headed myself to the gym for an arduous spinning session. This is it people it's time to get disciplined!!! 

Anyways, I have a dress, I have shoes and accessories but I'm still debating on how to wear my hair. I visited and found 5 summer hairstyles I like. 

Help me choose one, which one do you like best?






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Christa said...

i LOVE ! the first option =) i think its more classic !!

Barbara said...

I think you'd look fabulous in option# 1!
I also adore option# 2


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you girls!!! I think #1 is a favorite.