Saturday, June 11, 2011


Good morning dear Style by Red friends!!! What a wonderful saturday it is!!! I woke up later than usual (7:30am instead of 6:30am haha), had my regular morning cup of coffee, went to the gym and right now I'm having some sort of weird green smoothie (I think it's matcha tea or something like that) that's suppose to give me lots of energy, soooo what can I say, I feel relaxed. 

Why am I having this green thing and where did I get it? Well, let me tell you. For a while now I've been considering  changing from coffee to tea. I know coffee is just about the greatest thing God ever created but... I do have to admit I desperately need to lower my daily ingest of caffeine. However, switching from heavenly coffee to plain ol' tea is no easy task, lipton tea just wont get the job done, I need something more attractive. 

Soooo, for a while now, every day when I leave the gym (ok, I'm lying I don't go to the gym every day) I get to pass by in front of the cutest little tea bar called INFUSSION TEA BAR but never really go in until today and what I surprise it was, it's heaven for tea lovers!!! I'm serious, it's soooo cute I thought to myself: this is the perfect place to start my tea habit!!! And so I did, I decided to try this matcha tea smoothie (with soy milk of course NO LACTOSE!!!)  and bought myself the cutest little box of the most wonderfully aromatic hot cinnamon spice tea to start my new morning habit. The greatest part is that when I finally finish the tea I get to keep the little box and use it for storage!!! Now I'm ready to start a healthy habit, supermarket teas just aren't enough me. 

I highly recommend that you pay the place a little visit and fall in love with their wonderful tea collection, they even have some sort of bridal tea, I was like: WHAT THE HELL IS A BRIDAL TEA? WHAT DOES IT DO? GIVE YOU BRIDAL POWERS OR WHAT? Whatever... just get yourself there and judge yourself and let me know if you had a good experience or not. 

Where can you find these tea heaven?

10 Avenida 10-50, Zona 14
Plaza Futeca, Local 25A
Guatemala, Guatemala

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Infussion Tea Bar said...

Thank you Maria for you sooo nice comment! We are glad to be of help in your transition from coffee to tea! We hope to make your experience worth your while!

We hope to keep seeing you.

Infussion Tea Bar