Friday, March 16, 2012


I've already expressed to you several times before how much I'm in love with J.Crew and how much I admire Jena Lyons personal style and work, she literally revived the brand. Obviously now that I was in Miami I haaaaad to go to J.Crew's Lincoln Road store which is divine and of course got myself some cute stuff. Today, after three weeks of absence, I finally went to the network for my weekly TV segment "Style Sessions". The topic of the day was "Top 5 Fashion Misconceptions". Anyhow, I was feeling so fresh today that I decided to wear J.Crew from head to toe. I don't have abs of steel because I HATE doing sit ups (I do them once every three months hahaha) but I decided to show off my midriff anyways, who cares. Hope you like it. 

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Robert F said...

I love sexy midriffs. And they don't have to be hard and toned midriffs. Your midriff is beautiful. Like a Roman goddess.