Friday, May 11, 2012


Have I told you how hot it is in Guatemala right now? Oh wait...I have...Like a hundred times!!! It's sooooo freakin' hot I just feel like going out naked bust since we all know I can't do that I decided to wear my navy blue romper I bought a couple of months ago at Anthropologie, purple converse (since I'm diggin' so much the sneaker trend) and layers of statement necklaces. You'll notice that at first I thought about wearing high heel wedges and my hair down but for some reason I wasn't feeling it so I changed to sneakers and picked up my hair. I'm a tall girl so when I wear this particular wedges I look gigantic next to everyone here in Guatemala which is why sometimes I just simply prefer to wear flats. It's not that I feel bad about my hight, all the contrary!!! I love being tall but flats are more comfortable and I need to move a lot every day. 

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