Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I was helping a friend of mine who needed to know which are the 10 essential classic pieces every man should own. I strongly believe that it's absolutely ridiculous to say that the only thing a man or a woman needs to have in their closet are 10 classic pieces. Sorry Tim Gunn but that's not true, I've decided there's like at least 20 pieces (however I'm not gonna talk about this right now, but soon I will). 

Since I was helping her search for some images I decided why not take advantage of it and share them with you as well. I love how "Fashion Experts" are so specific about certain things, like for example: you're not supposed to own just any overcoat, it has to be a trenchcoat, preferably Burberry. It also can't be a nice pair of sunglasses that go according to your facial features, noooooo, it has to be Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. The power of marketing!!! However after reading such a ridiculous list (ok, maybe we all love a trenchcoat) I decided I'm gonna come up with my own list of essential pieces every funky guy should own. So stay tuned because after this boring list, I'm coming up with my own rules and I'm sharing them with you. 

Ok, Maybe I shouldn't be saying all this things....Oh who cares, I have to be honest, I'm a Sagittarius being straightforward is one of my traits. I guess maybe every man should own at least this 10 pieces. 

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