Monday, July 11, 2011


Last year I wrote a piece called ON THE WILD SIDE for a friends blog. It was mostly me fantasizing about being in Rio de Janeiro wearing Roberto Cavalli caftans and sipping caipirinhas at the Fasano Hotel surrounded by handsome Brazilian guys.  Surprisingly It turned out to be a popular post on her blog for quite a while. Since lately I've been under house arrest (figuratively speaking) I thought to myself: why not fantasize about being places and sharing my fantasies with my dear Style by Red readers? As a result I decided to create a new series called WHY WOULD I...IF I WHERE... What would I do and wear if I where traveling to anywhere in this  exciting world. Hey! if I can't physically be there why not fantasize about it, specially now that it's raining in Guatemala it makes me want to be anywhere but here. 

Lately (more like all the time) I've been fantasizing about going everywhere (Brazil, Spain, NY...) but since I have to choose where to start my series I decided to go with AMSTERDAM. Why Amsterdam? Well... Because I loooove Amsterdam and I love Amsterdams, they're always in a good mood and plus right now my dear friend Patty and my dear cousin Gloria are living there. Patty is studying at the Miami Add School in Amsterdam and Gloria is an architect and landscaper in Amsterdam and has been living there since...I don't know...perhaps 2003-2004 something like that, I don't remember. I've already visited her before and we had a fantabulous time. Imagine if I went there right now I would have a kick ass time with both of them!!!

So let's start fantasizing.  First thing I would do if I where in Amsterdam is RIDE A BICYCLE!!! Which I NEVER get the chance to do in lovely Guatemala City because I'd probably get stabbed in the back if I did, not so proud to admit it but I have to be honest. It is a real shame because Guatemala City has perhaps THE most amazing climate in the world, it's spring all year round with a couple of heavy showers in the months of May thru September but other than that it would be the perfect place to ride a bicycle all year round.

If I was to be riding a bicycle in Amsterdam all day long that means I would need to wear jeans or pants or shorts to feel comfortable and bicycle appropriate...Oh, who am I kidding, I would be wearing a short dress and showing my knickers all over the place, who cares!!! It's Amsterdam!!! Here's what I would be wearing in Amsterdam in the middle of summer (no winter please).

Do you like it? If you don't who cares, it's my fantasy anyways. 

Back to what I would be doing. I would grab my bicycle and ride all the way to Cora Kemperman MY FAAAAVORITE designer, along with María Cornejo. I actually had the privilege to see Cora herself one time I was in Amsterdam!!! She has the craziest look, she's amazing.

After having spent most of my money at CK (Cora Kemperman, not Calvin Klein) I would meet up with my friend Patty and...

Ok maybe this is getting a bit too long, perhaps I should divide it in two, so stay tuned for WHAT WOULD I...IF I WHERE...AMSTERDAM PART II. Bagels with goat cheese and handsome Amsterdam guys coming your way. 

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kpsirera said...

I LOVE IT....! Y te estaremo s esprando siempre!!! =)