Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ok, where was I? Oh yes I think I was supposed to pick up my friend Patty after having spent half of my vacation money at Cora Kemperman. What do Patty and I do better than anything when we're together? EAT!!! Hahaha, Yes that's right, we loooove to eat!!! And whenever I'm in Amsterdam I always go to this little place called BAGELS & BEANS where they sell the most fantastic bagels. I always order the one with warm goat cheese, walnuts and honey, it is to die for!!! Of course we can't leave Gloria out of this specially when she loooves the goat cheese bagel as much as I do, or perhaps by now she's sick of it, lucky bastard.

After having stuffed ourselves with food I guess we could try to burn some calories by riding around the city looking for some fun, which needless to say is just about everywhere!!! Riding around Amsterdam can be kind of scary if you don't know the rules and regulations of bicycle riding in the city. Yes believe it or not there's a manual and you cant just go about however the hell you want like some third world inexperienced bicycle rider. If at Amsterdam do like Amsterdams do!!!

Here's a visual tour of some of the places we would pass by during our little bicycle tour.

In Amsterdam NO ONE  steals someone else's bicycle. If it was Guatemala, those bicycles would've disappeared in a matter of seconds. Oh wait, that would've happened in Italy too, I know by experience. 

Isn't it absolutely amazing!!! If I lived there I would be happy all the time too. I don't want you to get the impression I'm miserable in Guatemala, just partially hahaha. 

Cute little shops. 

Alright, to end our little bicycle journey we would head ourselves to that big park where the HUGE I AMSTERDAM sign is, sit down in front of it and watch cute Amsterdam boys play soccer. 

Now it's time to head back home and get ready to PARTY!!! Those Ducth people do know how to get crazy, they drink beer like there's no tomorrow and the best part is that since it's Amsterdam who gives a damn what the hell you wear to go out, you can wear whatever you want you'll still get in. However evening always calls for a little glamour and since we'll be riding our bicycles to wherever we go (YES!!! people in Amsterdam ride their bicycles when they go out at night, high heels and everything) I thought I should wear comfortable shoes. At first I thought why not go a little goth punk and wear biker boots, then I remembered that my fantasy takes place in the middle of the summer, so unless I want my feet to sweat like hot pockets in a microwave, high heels it is. 

Here's my partying in Amsterdam outfit. I still decided to go for something goth punk, I can never quiet pull it off because I have absolutely nothing in my closet in that style but since this is a fantasy I can do whatever I want. 

Needless to say there are endless fun things to do when in Amsterdam but basically this are the ones the I enjoy doing the most: riding a bicycle for endless hours, eating bagels with goat cheese, drinking beer, watching handsome Dutch boys but most importantly, hanging out with my friends in a foreign country.

Hope you enjoyed it. I guess it was a bit long but at the end of the day this blog is for my entertainment. I highly recommend that you come up with your own traveling fantasies, it's quite fun and liberating. 

Why don't you let me know where you fantasize going, I'd love to know. 

Stay tune for the next WHAT WOULD I...IF I WHERE...

Enjoy a lovely afternoon (or evening, wherever you are). 

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kpsirera said...

OH YES we loooove to eat!!! and BTW... bikes do get stolen here, but not that often! =) HURRY AND COMEEEEEE