Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ok guys, nothing lasts forever!!! This goes for my KATE MIDDLETON LOOK BOOK. It's time to say: good by Kate. There's just too much Kate Middleton going around and right now I'm trying to re-invent STYLE BY RED, I need to give it it's own genuine identity. I know she's fabulous, I know everyone loves her but to tell you the truth I've never quite identified with her. Everything in this blog should be a reflection of myself. Soooo this is the last image of Kate you'll ever see on STYLE BY RED. If you want to keep track of here daily looks I recommend that you visit New York Magazine's Kate Middleton Look Book, you'll find everything you're looking for there:

Oh, and by the way if you also happen to be a Michelle Obama fan, NY Mag also has a Michelle Obama Look Book. I know what you might be thinking WHAT THE HELL!!! But believe it or not she did cause quiet a commotion with her revolutionary first lady looks. The African American community (not everyone of course) even criticized her for not wearing her hair the African American way, since I have no clue of what that means, you be the judge. 

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