Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello guys! It's been a while! Feels good to be back! This time I'm not going to apologize for having abandoned you forever, I've just been busy with other projects that require lots of time and energy from me and quite frankly as much as I would like to think I am, I'm not wonder woman. 

Fot this issue of STYLISH LIVING I thought why not make it all about my room. Last week we filmed the introduction to my show AMO MI ESTILO in my room and I got to do one of the many things I like doing best which is creating settings. I liked the results so much I decided to leave my room like that, now it really looks like my own little private vintage boutique with everything hanging all around the place. 

My room is an example of how being stylish doesn't really have to be expensive, you just need to be creative. Most of the things that decorate my room belonged to either my father, mother or grandparents. Being surrounded by family treasures makes me feel like I have a piece of history with me. I guess I'm just very proud of my roots and having little remembrances around me proves it. 

It might not be your style, and it probably is quite girly although not too much but I hope you like what you see.

This chair belonged to my grandfather. He spent his last days in it. We used to be neighbors and so every afternoon whenever I visited I would find him sitting in his chair, drinking coffee and watching his favorite show.

The pages on the wall are from a book that belonged to my father. The book is called THE PLEASURE OF LIVING. I thought: I'm never gonna read this book, why not paste them to the wall? and so I did.

My grandmother's Secretaire where I sit down to work on the blog and all other projects.

We used to have this chairs in my old house. I asked my mom if I could have them and again she said yes (she's a sweetheart). I had them painted white and re-upholstered, they look soooo much nicer than before.

Books, books and more books, Miu Miu shoes and antique fashion drawings that a friend gave to me when I lived in Switzerland while studying Italian. 


The "Style Bible".

I think my grandmother wore this hat for one of my uncle's wedding.

Antique books, antique jewelry, antique table, all belonged to my grandmother. This table dates back from when my grandparent lived in Malawi in 1937, that's how old the table is (I might be wrong with the dates, it could even be older).

My father's antique Polaroid camera.

My grandmother's antique luggage. The box at the bottom she actually traveled with it in 1947 from London to New York when my grandparents moved from Africa to America. It still has the Queen Mary stamp on it.  Of course you needed your hats. Some day soon I'll share some of this amazing pictures.

Some of my clothes I don't wear anymore but decide to keep it as part of my room decoration. I do wear the MARNI bird coat though. 

Another one of my grandmother's hats. If I ever find a picture of her wearing the hats, I'll share them with you.

Ok guys!!! Until next!!! Hopefully soon!!!

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Fer said...

Qué linda quedó tu habitación! Me gusto mucho tu artículo; especialmente porque estoy recien casada y en este momento estoy decorando mi casa (es más difícil de lo que parece... hasta sueño en las noches con decoración jajaja) en fin, te felicito por el trabajo que haces! Yo vivo en Suiza y si algún dia quisieras venir a recorrer tus pasos, estás cordialmente invitada! Dios te bendiga!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Hola Fer, me alegra mucho que te haya gustado mi post. Me imagino lo difícil que ha de ser decorar toda una casa, tantas decisiones que tomar. Muchas gracias por ofrecer tu hospitalidad! Quien sabe, quizás algún día de estos la vida me lleve por allí. Guatemala también está a tus ordenes!